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[IP] Pump Effects...

On Monday night I went to a meeting with a para-church group that 
I've been working with for about eight years.  One of the other 
ministers there worked with me last fall when I was the lead clergy 
for the fall retreat we sponsor.  During a break in the meeting he 
commented on how much better I am looking now compared to last 
fall...  it seems that he thinks that I look like I feel better and 
have more energy since I've been on the pump...  I've known him for 
several years and we've worked together often on these retreats, so 
when he commented that the pump has been good for me I was pleased.  

I just wanted to pass this along - apparently other people see 
improvements in us when we get our bg under control using the pump.  
That's good news...  especially for this ol' Baptist preacher/Systems 
Analyst when I was in the middle of a bunch of people singing "De 
Randall Winchester

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