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[IP] Long term pumping (was: A Question that is driving me crazy)

     On Tue, 31 Mar 1998 Ruth Elowitz <email @ redacted> wrote:
     > I've had a minimed pump for 17 years and frequently have this 
     > problem  (from  Cheri :)  Do you find that tight clothing 
        > sometimes causes pain in your stomach or where ever you 
        > have your infusion set?  I am a dancer and wear tights 
        > all the time.  I sometimes get a pain where my infusion 
        > set is after wearing the tights for a long period of time.  
     > Sometimes anything that puts any pressure hurts, other times 
     > anything that rubs back and forth hurts and sometimes not much 
     > hurts.  The first 10 years I was on the pump, my stomach was always 
     > sore and often painful.  I've acquired a roll of fat I think might 
     > be from all my teenage and 20s years of trying so hard not to move 
     > much.  In the last 7-8 years that problem has greatly reduced.  
     > Every time I finally (after 6 months to a year) start to think I 
     > might have beat it comes back repeatedly -- but never terribly 
     > painful, just sore.  
     I'm an 18 year pumper and I have had similar occurances, although I 
     definitely do not dance, have never worn a dress or leotards.  
     I found that I was HIGHLY allergic to the original stainless catheters 
     we all started with and went pretty quickly to the ORIGINAL teflons 
     (which were IV teflons which we used lots of tape to hold in/down with 
     that ugly luer-lock connect at less than an inch from the insertion 
     The first catheters that have really seemed helpful are the Pureline 
     Comforts (or whatever Minimed and Disetronics is now calling them).
     I find that I have to change catheters every two-three days or my 
     sugars go BONKERS.  I have also discovered that a sugar flux of 50-75 
     points will cause catheter 'funnies' i.e. the site will hurt and act 
     up and blood sugar will start to rise.  
     Any pain or funny feelings in Cath are a signal to CHANGE IT ASAP.
     I remember trying the 4-7 day teflon trick but between the yucky 
     feelings at site, the yucky blood sugars and the lousy overall blood 
     work resulting from a few months of this, my doctor had a CAKE time 
     convincing me that 2 days was a LIMIT not a MINIMUM!!!
     The Comfort catheters insert at a slight angle to skin so that they 
     don't go very deep and they seem to be easier to handle than other 
     teflons I've used in past.  They also are easiest to disconnect from 
     which makes showers etc. much easier.
     Yerachmiel Bruchya haLevi Altman 
        o o

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