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Re: [IP] Re: periods of vomitting

In a message dated 98-04-01 14:17:10 EST, you write:

<<  I am trying to get fluids down him since
 if I don't she wants me to bring him in and hook him up to an I. V.  Not a
 favorite word in our house.
 Liz >>

Liz, one more thought on this.  I understand the CYA issue the CDE has with
the IV.  But, have they showed you how to look for signs of dehydration?
That's what their concern is.  But if he's not getting dehydrated, you don't
need to take him in (unless he has large ketones too and won't drink to flush
them out).  Trust me, we've been through this 11 times now in 8 months.

Feel the inside of his mouth.  If it is not moist, but tacky, check his
fingernails.  (If it's moist, he's fine.)  Hold his hand and look at the color
under his fingernails.  It should be pink, not white.  If you're not sure,
press on one fingernail with yours until it turns white.  Let go and count how
long it takes to return to the pink color.  If it turns back immediately, he's
okay.  If it takes more than 2 seconds, you might want to call the CDE back.

I'm no doctor, but this is what we've been told to do.  Please call your
doctor if you're not sure how to check for dehydration.  Good luck to you.

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