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[IP] mixing H and R

I promised to report on my experiences mixing H and R (actually
Velosulin). I'm now on my 4th set. My goal is to change sets every 3 days,
instead of the every 2 that only H requires (for me). I always change the
reservoir and the tubing at the same time. I use sofset QRs, 42" tubing. 
I change sets in the morning. 

The first set, I drew in 120 units H, then 30 units R. I immediately
attached the new tubing, primed it, and inserted the set. The first 2 days
were fine, but the 3rd night the set "went bad" and I woke up at 330 around
5am. :-( I was very disappointed, but decided to try again with a different

The second set, I drew in 40 units R *first*, then 110 units H, then
attached the tubing. This set was fine after 3 days when I changed it.

The third set, I drew in 40 units R, then 110 units H, then a big bubble of
air. I swished it all around, pushed the air out, and primed the new
tubing. This set also lasted 3 days. 

I'm on day 2 of the 4th set... I used the same procedure as for the second
set. If all continues to go well for another week, I will declare mixing to
be a success. :-) I DO think it matters that I fill the reservoir with the
lesser quantity of insulin first.

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