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Re: [IP] Happy Anniversary, Buddy and Rosie!

Buddy...Didn't you say today was your thirtieth anniversary?!?!  Congratulations!  Betsy
Thirty years with the same man! How did she ever stand it?????? Truth is stranger than fiction. . .
Thank you Betsy. Here is what I have been sending the rest of my gal pals.

    I went to Jasper this morning and ordered her some flowers to be sent to
the hospital (where she works). She just called me before noon and they had
not delivered then yet?????? Called and checked on that. Told them if they
couldn't get there before 3 she would be gone! Ha.
    Got my very first SS Disability check today, looks like things might
just work out after all. Better than the last two anyway. I was accused of
being bad on the list again and some of them did not know all of the facts
but we all step out of line once in a while I guess. I ain't budging though,
I have a fan club here. <BIG GRIN>
    THANK YOU FOR THE BEST WISHES. It is one of my best days in my life. I
wish you could see my Cajun Queen. She is still a beauty at "almost fifty".
Ha Forty eight actually.
    I hope you are getting some of this beautiful weather too. I am just
skimming the cream off the mail list today. Just reading the letters from
the good looking women! Ha. I love this pump! Sure makes me feel
wonderful!!! How about you? Hope so.
    Got to run. See the heart doctor in two hours. Eyes bleeding too! Will
be alright. Good attitude, that's what counts! Late now, see you later.
Thanks again.

Love ya,

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted
To feel any better I would have to be twins!