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[IP] Disetronic end of use

I have been a D user for about 6 years now.  I have the original pumps.  I
have been through the end of use time for both of my original pumps.  It was a
breeze to send the pumps back for inspection.  They discovered a problem with
both of my pumpsn(small cracks around the battery case, caused probably by me
tightening the battery too much) and they sent me replacement pumps.  Both
pumps are now out of warranty, but that doesn't bother me.  I have never had a
problem of any sort with my pumps, and I figure if I do and the repair is more
than I wish to spend, I still have the spare pump, and that gives me time to
purchase a new set.  ( I went to the D because I had the MM504(?) which I
hated and had lots of trouble with)  I do know there have been improvements
made in MM's products now and that people sho have them, love them.  So, as we
say, YMMV.  Whatever works for you is right for you.
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