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Re: [IP] Disetronic HTron V100+ question

On  1 Apr 98 at 12:38, MADKT wrote:

> In a message dated 98-03-31 18:08:34 EST, you write:
> << Sounds like you need to get the Disetronic reps in gear.  Let them 
>  >show why they only sell pumps in pairs, and let them explain that the 
>  >D pump shuts off after two years operation.
>   >>
> I believe the above comments came from Randall. (If not, sorry Randall).
> These are pretty harsh words and rather inflammatory yet I don't see any back
> up to your implied accusations. 

Not "implied accusations" - they do shut off after two years.  I was 
told by a D rep that they only sell pumps in pairs.   Notice I didn't 
make a value judgement about it - it is a fact that is listed in the 
D literature and freely discussed by the manufacturer.

Since the person bought a D pump then it's up to the D reps to assist 
with getting the insurance company properly informed - if the 
insurance company only wants to pay for one pump then Disetronic 
should assist in resolving the problem because they are the ones 
who sell them in pairs...  unless Disetronic is playing games with 
the insurance company at the pump user's expense.  

> One provides back up for the other in case of emergencies. If I manage to
> smash my pump in a car door, it sure is nice to have the back up. I certainly
> like the reassurance. And I do not want to go to injections. Yes, they do stop
> running in two years BY DESIGN. There are warning alarms well inadvance of the
> date and you have the second pump!

Again, the D rep told me they give you the second pump for use when 
you send the other one in for the maintenance/check-up/clock reset.  
I was told that they felt it was a quality issue to ensure that their 
product continued to function properly and as required by European 

> As far as why they reguire a maintenance check-up . . . it was explained that
> it is simply a precautionary measure. Their technicians check out the machine
> and the same machine is returned. If they do find a problem, they replace it.
> Again, personally I like the system.

Choice of pumps is like choice of computers - it's a religious 
question...  People use all kinds of factors including facts, 
emotions, likes, dislikes, first impressions and other things to make 
the decision.  My decision was influenced by the fact that I called 
both companies on the same day asking for information - I had two 
calls from MiniMed the next day and didn't hear from Disetronic 
other company for a very long time.  I figured by their response that 
they didn't want to do business with me so I did business with the 
company that contacted me...  and after seing the other pump I'd make 
the same decision based on what I know now.   

I've heard second hand that the current D rep for this area has been 
bad-mouthing MiniMed at meetings and generally not promoting the D 
pump.  He spends more time trying to "convert" MiniMed users than he 
does working on getting people on pumps.  In other areas of the 
country the situation is reversed... so a lot of the choice depends 
on the region of the country people live in, their rep, the doctor 
and other factors.  

What's that acronym... YMWV - your milage will vary...  The key issue 
is not really whether you pick a Disetronic or MiniMed pump because 
they are functionally equivalent.  Some minor bells and whistles may 
differ but they both work reliably and well.  The key is educating 
the medical profession and insurance companies that this type of 
therapy actually works and is beneficial to us.  I like having a 
choice of pumps, and it would be nice if there were a couple of other 
companies in the business too because that would push prices down.  

Randall Winchester

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