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[IP] Re: periods of vomitting

Does anyone out there go through periods of vomitting?  Darren has pretty much
had this problem since he was a baby.  However lately they seem to be coming
stronger and more frequently.   Darren is 13 1/2 yrs old.

Here is a little background.  Pre-diabetes Darren would go about 6 months with
no problems.  Then almost to the day he would have a violent attack of stomach
cramps and then vomit for about a day.  Then it was gone and he was all
better.  No more signs or symptoms for 6 months.  At age 4 he went through 4
days of vomitting, saw the Dr. everyday and ended up in the hospital for
dehydration.  After the hospital, they ran every test imaginable and found
nothing wrong with him. Post-diabetes he has had about the same record.  He
has been diabetic for 3 yrs 2 months.  He went on a mm507 1/20/98.  Prior to
the pump, he would have these problems about every 2 to 4 months.  Sometimes
he would go very low, in the 40's, but we always seemed to be able to get
something in him before glucagon.  

Since pumping, we are now on out 3rd bought with cramping and vomitting.  He
had an episode Sunday night.  His lowest low was in the 50's.  Monday morning
he was fine and went to school.  Last night it came back.  Before bed he was
at 80 with stomach cramps.  He drank some orange juice and this made the
cramping worse.  However he kept this down.  At 11:30 he was at 63.  I was
able to give him some graham crackers.  11:45 he was at 51.  I gave him a
glass of milk.  12:15 he was at 58 and refused any further food or drink.
12:30 he was at 69.  He was starting to come up.  At 1:30 he lost everything
and was at 81.   After vomitting he said he was feeling better. 2:30 he was up
to 125.  I do have suppositories, however, Darren is very reluctant.  However,
if he vomits again we will be using them.   I have called the Dr. and am
awaiting a return call.  He stayed home from school and is still in bed.  He
is currently at 195.  

If anyone has any feed back on this I would appreciated it.
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