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Re: [IP] Disetronic HTron V100+ question

In a message dated 98-03-31 18:08:34 EST, you write:

<< Sounds like you need to get the Disetronic reps in gear.  Let them 
 >show why they only sell pumps in pairs, and let them explain that the 
 >D pump shuts off after two years operation.

I believe the above comments came from Randall. (If not, sorry Randall).
These are pretty harsh words and rather inflammatory yet I don't see any back
up to your implied accusations. 

I have a Disetronic. In a year and half I have had no problems with either of
the two pumps sent to me. The explanation that I have received from Disetronic
about why they send two pumps is ...

One provides back up for the other in case of emergencies. If I manage to
smash my pump in a car door, it sure is nice to have the back up. I certainly
like the reassurance. And I do not want to go to injections. Yes, they do stop
running in two years BY DESIGN. There are warning alarms well inadvance of the
date and you have the second pump!

As far as why they reguire a maintenance check-up . . . it was explained that
it is simply a precautionary measure. Their technicians check out the machine
and the same machine is returned. If they do find a problem, they replace it.
Again, personally I like the system.

If I had to venture into why I assume they do things this way . . . I would
put it to the fact that the company has not been around as long a minimed and
they are insuring their product. I wish more companies would do things like
this. It would have been nice to have two Chevy trucks as ours has been
recalled three times!


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