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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #193

Hear, Hear! "Real" soda tastes awful! I don't know how people drink the
stuff :-{)>.

My vote for "Worst Tasting Sugar Soda" is regular Coke. Bleah!

(Who wishes they had put a Pepsi machine on my floor instead of a Coke machine)

> ------------------------------
> Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 13:55:34 -0800
> From: email @ redacted (Michelle Rands)
> Subject: Re: [IP] Give me diet coke or give me death
> Seems like real soda is thicker too...syrupy i guess...a good thing it
> tastes nasty to us...i went to las vegas and visited the coke
> "attraction" for the price of admission you can taste nearly all the coke
> products from around the world...i had ta do it...my sugar ended up in
> the 300's after only minutes....but i did refrain from the m and m
> emplorium next door...i only bought a HUGE coffee mug
> >  Has anyone else noticed how truly DISGUSTING real soda tastes 
> >anymore?  I
> >mean other than the extremely RARE sip of Dr Pepper (who is god 
> >incarnate,
> >IMHO), I can't abide the read stuff!!
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