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Re: [IP] Re: glucose meters

On  1 Apr 98 at 2:32, CDeer82890 wrote:

>  I think I originally made the post for some input on the Dex meter. What you
> said is true about this being the same as the Elite for serum testing. I have
> been using the Dex meter for about a month now, and have found absolutely
> nothing wrong with it's accuracy which some have said was its downfall. I
> continue to respond by saying thats its easier to use, more convenient and
> ACCURATE. One post stated they got 150 point difference in their readings. I
> cannot even imagine results like this based on my usage. Although no software
> is available yet that I know of, I think it is great!

I've been talking to the rep for the Dex meter and found out some 
interesting information.  Apparently there is a quality control 
problem with some of the strips that is causing some batches to give 
the variability in readings.  You also have to hold the meter level 
so the strip will pull up the proper amount of blood.  The quality 
problem is related to the strip pulling up the blood - apparently 
some strips aren't working well here because of manufacturing 
problems.  I was told that they are delaying the final introduction 
of the meter until January 1999 as they continue to work on this 
problem and also the problem of ramping up their production of strips 
becuase the demand is high.  I was also told that for those in the 
study this means that they will continue to provide the strips free 
of charge.  

Apparently they have a lot of confidence in the meter and are 
spending a lot of money to get a part of this market.  Given the 
number of strips that are being consumed by the trial this must 
represent a healthy investment...

Randall Winchester

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