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Re: [IP] Give me diet coke or give me death

On  1 Apr 98 at 8:19, Scott Wilby wrote:

> I find it extermely easy to tell if a food server or waitperson has 
> given me a non-diet drink becasue of the heavy syrupy taste.  Some of 
> my friends even sak me to confirm their suspicions if they are the 
> first to take a sip.
> What I miss though is that saccharin aftertaste that used to go 
> hand-in-hand with diet drinks (especially Fresca and Tab).  Its hard 
> to find any sacharrin-sweeted drinks in the U.S. anymore - maybe 
> witht he exception of Diet Faygo sodas.  I traveled much in northern 
> Mexico in the 80's and found not only the Tab to be sweetened with 
> sacharrin, but also the Diet Coke and Fresca.

Most of the fountain drinks contain both saccharin and aspartame 
becuase of storage and handling problems.   I've also found many 
fountains to be less than careful about hooking up the right syrup 
containers.  I still carry a vial of those good ol' urine test strips 
to check any fountain drinks with.  A drop on your finger placed on 
the strip quickly shows if it is really a diet drink or not.  
Non-diet drinks make it turn color real quickly...  and I've had 
several managers apologize and either offer to give me the meal free 
or at a hefty discount...    You just have to remember not to get 
real confrontational (it took my wife a long time to get me to stop 
screaming "You're trying to KILL me.") and just call the server over 
and say something like "I think there's a problem with this drink"
There have only been a few places where they didn't want to at least 
get me another glass... and at those places I've always said "it 
tastes funny too" and gotten water, and they've refunded the money 
for the returned drink.

Restaurants are usually very much aware of customer complaints and 
want to make you as happy as reasonably possible as quickly as they 
Randall Winchester

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