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Re: [IP] Give me diet coke or give me death

I find it extermely easy to tell if a food server or waitperson has 
given me a non-diet drink becasue of the heavy syrupy taste.  Some of 
my friends even sak me to confirm their suspicions if they are the 
first to take a sip.

What I miss though is that saccharin aftertaste that used to go 
hand-in-hand with diet drinks (especially Fresca and Tab).  Its hard 
to find any sacharrin-sweeted drinks in the U.S. anymore - maybe 
witht he exception of Diet Faygo sodas.  I traveled much in northern 
Mexico in the 80's and found not only the Tab to be sweetened with 
sacharrin, but also the Diet Coke and Fresca.

Aspartame is great, but that too sometimes seems too sweet.
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