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Re: [IP] Disetronic HTron V100+ question

Re:  The Disetronic H-TRONplus V100 "life span":

After the first 30 months of use (the timer is active only when the
batteries are in the pump), the pump will alarm with an error "8x"
indicating that there is a Technical Inspecition Due. The alarms are:

Error 88:  8 weeks before the TSI (Technical Safety Inspection) is due
Error 86:  6 weeks before the TSI is due
Error 84:  4 weeks before the TSI is due
Error 82:  2 weeks before the TSI is due

These are alarms only. The pump remains in run mode, but beeps to remind
you of the alert. The alerts can then be "acknowledged" and silenced by
pressing the S key for three seconds.

After the 30 month period has fully expired, the pump changes to STOP mode
and alarms with an ERROR 09. At this time, the pump changes to STOP mode
and *must* be returned to Disetronic for inspection and resetting.

For users with two pumps, simply switching to the backup pump should allow
you to "keep on pumping" while the first pump is being inspected. For users
with only one pump, you will need to arrange with Disetronic to have a
replacement / loaner cross shipped to you.

Bob Burnett

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