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[IP] Dex Meter..What is it??


  Can you please tell me what is the differenece between the Dex meter 
and the other meters like AccuChekInstant (I use it), One touch Basic 
etc. Thanks.
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>In a message dated 98-03-31 15:10:45 EST, you write:
>> was interested in the thread a few days ago on potential problems 
>>  the new Bayer Dex meter. 
> I think I originally made the post for some input on the Dex meter. 
What you
>said is true about this being the same as the Elite for serum testing. 
I have
>been using the Dex meter for about a month now, and have found 
>nothing wrong with it's accuracy which some have said was its downfall. 
>continue to respond by saying thats its easier to use, more convenient 
>ACCURATE. One post stated they got 150 point difference in their 
readings. I
>cannot even imagine results like this based on my usage. Although no 
>is available yet that I know of, I think it is great!
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