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Harold Mueller < > 
650 992-2566 fax 992-2568
I've been using a MiniMed 506 for the last year and a half 
with Humalog for the last 6 months.  I use 30-35 units a day 
with a ratio of 1 unit of insulin for 11 grams of carb.  
I was diagnosed at age 12 and have had diabetes for the last 
15 years.  Since going on the pump, my hbA1c's have gone from 
8.1 down to 6.9 (whoopie), and I love the freedom from the snacks.
I like to bike and swim and participate in a regular exercise
program.  None of the other members of my family are diabetic
(I have a daughter 7 and a son 4) and everyone is very 
supportive. Oh, by the way, I live in Detroit, MI.

Please feel free to add any other information or experiences you have had to your profile that you consider pertinent to your particular situation and that may assist other pumpers. (i.e. diabetes complications, treatments, etc...)