about insulin pumps for children and
adults with diabetes

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 ******> Finally! the lists.


Note:   All posts go to Insulin-Pumpers@insulin-pumpers.org

        This list has the largest subscriber base and discusses
        all aspects of pumping insulin. Subscribe to this list
        if you are a pumper or are seeking information about
        pumping. The list members a knowledgeable and helpful.
        The membership includes many pumpers, CDE's, RN's, Drs,
        newbies, parents of pumping kids and more... The mail
        volume on this list is at times quite high, sometimes
        over 50 messages a day. You may wish to subscribe to 
        the Digest of Browser version if you can't handle the 
        mail volume.


Note:   All posts go to IP-UK@insulin-pumpers.org

        Insulin Pumpers list devoted to the specific needs of
        those living in the United Kingdom seeking information
        about diabetes, the insulin pump, and the in's and out's 
        of the British health care system. 


Note:   All posts go to IP-Scandinavia@insulin-pumpers.org

        Scandinavian Language Insulin-Pumpers mail list for 
        individuals seeking information about
        insulin pumps, those using insulin pumps, health care
        professionals, and others having an interest in
        diabetes and insulin pumping.

 ******> Doctors and Medical Professionals Mail List


Note:   All posts go to IP-MedPro@insulin-pumpers.org

        This list is for medical professionals seeking or willing
        to provide information and guidance on the treatment of 
        Type 1 diabetics utilizing the insulin infusion pump.
        Dr's, CDE's, Pump Trainers, RN's and others professionally
        involved in the treatment, care, and training of diabetic
        patients as well as those familiar with installation and
        maintenance of insulin pumps are encourage to join this
        mail list. You will also find the information in the 
        Insulin-Pumpers list (above) valuable and informative.

        Please join this list if you are in any way involved 
        with pediatric patients.

 ******> OTHER LISTS

        This list is maintained for young people who are pumpers
        or interested in pumping. It is intended for teens 
        and younger to exchange mail about pumping.

        This list is maintaind for members working on the 
        development of FAQ's , HOWTO's and other things of 
        of interest to the general membership.  It is intended to
        provide a communication tool to assist the developers.
        If you are or wish to work on FAQ's and HOWTO's, please
        join this list in addition to one of the others.

	This list is maintained for members who are part of the
	administration team.
... one of our Insulin-Pumper's lists for people Pumping Insulin