pumpin' insulin

Make a Logbook for Insulin-Pumpers

Below is a page from the logbook (preview) that Lily uses to record her boluses, carbo intake and blood sugar levels. There are separate rows for the entry of BG's, Carbo, High Blood Sugar Bolus, and each regular Bolus. There are 14 columns for events throughout the day and adequate room on the page to record what happened at each event.
For example, a meal, low blood sugar, etc....

This compact 3.5x5 logbook is designed to be copied from a master, four to a page on standard 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Each sheet of paper will make 8 pages in your book.

You can make the book yourself by downloading the postscript file "logbook.ps", saving it on a floppy disk, and taking the disk along with the instructions to any "high-end" quick copy service bureau. To print out the instructions, use the "print" function on your browser under the "file" menu after you CLICK HERE to view the BOOK INSTRUCTIONS. You can finish the outside of your "custom" logbook with a cover sheet of your preferred color or design.

To download the postscript master file, choose one of the formats listed below for your computer.

The postscript file will provide the best graphic quality, however, for your convenience, graphics image files are available for various platforms:


  • logbook.ps - 79365
  • logbook.ps.sea - 31676 for apple
  • logbook.zip - 22144 for windows/dos

    Windows/Dos - pkzip compressed

  • logbook.xls - 17920 courtesy of Christene Ullom
  • logbook.bmp - 13974 logb_bmp.zip
  • logbook.pcx - 12001 logb_pcx.zip
  • logbook.tif - 14929 logb_tif.zip

    Apple - Self Expanding Archive

  • logbook.tif - 244136 logb_tif.sea

    Unix - gzip'd

  • logbook.bmp - 14286 logbook.bmp.gz
  • logbook.pcx - 11863 logbook.pcx.gz
  • logbook.tif - 15216 logbook.tif.gz
    Copyright 1998, Michael A. Robinton
    Duplication permitted for personal, non-business use, or given as a no-charge item.