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What is the mailing list?
The IP-UK mailing list is a system that has been set up to allow you to receive and exchange emails with other people who, like you, have an interest in diabetes and insulin pumps, with an emphasis on their use in the United Kingdom.
Who can join?
Anyone who has a legitimate interest in diabetes and insulin pumps. Perhaps you have diabetes yourself, whether or not you use a pump. Or you may be close to someone with diabetes. Or you may be a healthcare professional with an interest in diabetes and insulin pumps.
How do I join?
In an effort to reduce SPAM and protect the privacy of the list members, all of the Insulin-Pumpers' mail lists are CLOSED LIST's. To join the list, you must submit a member profile which consists of a short paragraph about yourself, describing your connection with diabetes. It's not a test! This paragraph or "profile" will be sent to other members of the list when you join, by way of introduction.
How do I leave the mailing list?
Once you have joined the mailing list, you may leave or "unsubscribe" at any time, by sending an email asking to do so to
What are guidelines governing the use of the list?
When you join, you will be sent a synopsis of the guidelines by email. Click here to read the Insulin Pumpers' Message and Content Guidelines.
Who runs the mailing list?
All of the Insulin Pumpers mail lists are operated by Insulin Pumpers, a non-profit, educational and charitable corporation registered in the State of California, USA.

Joining application form

  • To join the IP-UK mailing list, please complete all the following boxes.
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  • Then wait 24hrs for your application to be processed. You will receive a reply by email.
1. Your name:

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3. A short paragraph about yourself:
This is an example of the sort of things you might say about yourself: My name is Rachel Smith. I'm 27 and work for a travel agent. I've had diabetes since I was 10. I'm on Actrapid 3 times a day, and Insulatard once a day. My control is pretty good, though it could be better. I have no complications, but my doctor has suggested a pump may give me more flexibility. Oh, I'm from Manchester, and support Manchester United (!)

4. How would you like to receive emails from the mailing list?
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Normal All emails are sent to you immediately.
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Browser You have full list membership, and can send emails to the list, but you will receive no emails. You can read what others have written by visiting the Members Only area of the Insulin Pumpers web site.

5. Check all the information you have entered, especially your email address.

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  • We aim to process all applications within 24hrs.
  • When you are accepted, you will be sent a "welcome" email, containing more detailed information about using the list.
  • In the meantime, if you have any enquiries, please contact