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Your New Insulin Pump or ... Now That You've got it, What Do You Do With It?

Some Tips for Developing a Lasting Relationship With Your Pump

Bob Burnett

rev. 1.14 updated 3-15-01

Sure, your insulin pump is an inanimate object, but at times, you will wonder if it has a mind of its own. The following tips may help you get used to your "new friend".

1. Begin at the beginning - read the manual

2. Know which buttons to push and when to push them

3. Know how to return to injection therapy

4. I think something is wrong ...

5. Symptoms that something is wrong

6. Hypoglycemia

7. Hyperglycemia

8. Check your blood glucose levels frequently

9. Learn your trends

10. Pump mechanical hints

11. I'm a Pump veteran ... (or so I think)

12. Storage of supplies & insulin

13. Who should I tell about my pump?

14. Which brand pump supplies do I need to get?

15. Don't sweat the "small stuff"

16. Stay calm

17. Some useful sites for information, instructions and encouragement

18. Copyright Notice

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