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4. I think something is wrong ...

There will be times when things just don't seem right. Having a process and procedure in place for diagnosing troubles is useful.

Always ...

Check the pump ... Check your infusion set and site. For some hints on site problems, see Is my infusion site the cause of my high blood sugars?

"Been there, done that"

I remember the first time I had seriously high blood glucose readings, two weeks after starting on my pump. I had low to moderate levels of ketones in my urine (I never show ketones in my urine) and was not sure what had gone wrong - I was in a bit of a panic.

My first move was to call the pump vendor and speak to the technical support person - she had me check all sorts of physical things on the pump, had me check my infusion site, etc. What neither one of us thought of checking was the "bolus history" on the pump (this display shows when you took your last bolus and how much of a bolus you administered). If we had checked the bolus history, it would have been immediately obvious that I had forgotten to take my breakfast bolus. Once I realized this and corrected for it, things were on their way back to normal fairly soon.

Call for help!

These telephone numbers are printed on the backs of the pumps for convenience. Note that the numbers may not be on the back of older pump models.

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