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14. Which brand pump supplies do I need to get?

One of the most frequently asked questions is: "Do I have to use the supplies recommended by my pump vendor?"

The quickest answer is "NO". The infusion sets are interchangeable, although each pump vendor prefers that you purchase their brand of supplies.

Truth of the matter is that PureLine Comfort infusion sets, and Disetronic Tender infusion sets all work in the MiniMed pump just as well as the Disetronic pump. Try not to be too stubborn about "brand loyalty". If another brand provides the same or better performance, try it out. The pump vendors and many of the supply houses will be glad to send you a sample of a different product to try.

The insulin reservoirs and cartridges ARE NOT interchangeable. The MiniMed pump uses a reservoir to hold the insulin, while the Disetronic uses a cartridge. Each performs the same basic function, which is to store the insulin supply inside the pump, but the products are specific to each manufacturer's pump, due to basic pump design differences.

The Disetronic pump does offer plastic as well as glass cartridges. MiniMed pumps only use plastic reservoirs. There are no alternative reservoirs available for the MiniMed pumps.

There are a variety of different tapes available. Kendall PolySkin (offered as part of MiniMed's supplies), Tegaderm, Hypafix, etc. Each has its own strengths and some have evident weaknesses. Choose one (or more) that you are comfortable with, and go with it. Again, most supply houses and the pump vendors will be glad to send you samples to try. My favorite happens to be Hypafix - comfortable, breathable, sticks when and where you want it to, does not leave a rash, (did I say I really like this tape?).

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