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11. I'm a Pump veteran ... (or so I think)

"I've been doing this for awhile", you say to yourself - so what about "Pushing the Envelope"?

One of the best pieces of advice for any pumper is "Learn the recommended limits" for your therapy.

Infusion set change intervals:

You will hear many different stories from many different pumpers about how long they can leave their sets in. Remember that the times recommended by the pump vendors and the manufacturers of the infusion sets are:

Recommended infusion set change intervals

I know users who regularly exceed these recommended intervals. It's somewhat ironic that one of these people mentioned that the first (and only) site infection she had was when she first started pumping and was "experimenting" to find out how long she could leave the same set in. She exceeded the recommended change interval by about 200 %, and ended up with a nasty site infection.

I'm more cautious, change at the recommended times, and have not suffered a site infection since I started pumping in April 1996.

Learn YOUR limits...

One abbreviation which you will see if you frequent any of the internet mailing lists or newsgroups on the 'net is: YMMV. This means "Your Mileage May Vary". It's a neat way of summing up the fact that you are your own person - your needs are different from other peoples', your reactions to changes in your routine are different than others', and you may not get the same "mileage" out of a recommendation as your new friend in cyberspace.

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