This is irritating my skin!

Some comments and helpful hints from the Pumpers List members...

My skin is so sensitive! I don't have a problem with the tape that comes with the soft-sets, as long as I use "skin prep" first. Using tegaderm over top is very good, for it sticks very well.

I am allergic to any kind of plastic adhesive, but tegaderm patches do not irritate my tummy in the least. They stick really well. I also use "Skin Prep." It makes your skin clean and it really helps the Tegaderm adhere to your skin.

I have had a lot of problems with tape and irritation. I cannot use the Polyskin but have had very good luck with two other products. One is called IV2000 and the other is Hypafix (Smith & Nephew), which is what I currently use. The Hypafix is a roll of cloth tape. I cut it to size and it doesn't irritate my skin at all. I called the company and they sent me samples of both products to try.

I too seem to have irratation with the tape that comes with the infusion sets. My supplier sent me samples of all different tapes with my start up package. I pretty much have tried them all. I am sure each person is different but, I have found that the one that works best for me is made by Smith & Nephew. It is called High MVP Transparent Dressing #4007. What I have done is placed one of these down before I actually insert my infusion set. Then I tape the infusion set down with the tape in the package. I seem to be OK as long as the top tape doesn't touch my skin.

As in any water sport when you have a break in the skin, additional care must be taken to see that the site remains (relatively) sterile in non-clorinated water. There have been some problems with sand and debris being trapped under a tape patch which over the Minimed Sof-set. This occurs while swimming in surf or body-surfing. Even with junk under the tape patch, the Sof-set button adhesive holds firm and remains sterile. With a bent needle, you can put a very small dab of polysporin or bacitracian over the needle insertion point - remember VERY small, this stuff will keep the adhesive on the patch from sticking to you. I think the Sof-set button would be a much better solution since it has its own sterile adhesive pad on the bottom surface that helps keep the insertion point isolated from the environment.

One fix for the sand problem is to cut two small holes to let the sand out at the bottom of the tape covering right at the corners of the bottom of the infusion button. Like so:

Let the Sand Out This Way
keep out the sand

Excess sweating can cause even well constructed infusion sets to come loose and fall out. No warning except highs or a dangling infusion set!


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