Products Available to help keep the infusion set on our skin

The first and most obvious way is with whatever adhesive arrangement is made part of the infusion set, if there is that. The MiniMed Sof-Set and the Tender/Silhoutte/Comfort are made with an adhesive as part of the infusion set. The other, more plain, usually metal-needle infusion sets often do not have adhesive devices included. For these, the products listed below are almost required. For the sets with an adhesive portion, these things can be of assistance.

If you use the Tender/Silhouette/Comfort Silhouette/Tender/Comfort infusion set, it is supposed to stay on once in place. That's because it has a special hypoallergenic adhesive layer that's flexible enough and large enough to hold the set in place - with no need for additional base taping that can irritate your skin. Because the Tender set allows you to temporarily disconnect your pump during active or private times, you'll have even less irritation because you won't need to be pulling adhesive tapes off as often.

The tape included with Sof-sets has been changed to Opsite IV3000.

As with almost everything, there are many ways to keep the infusion set on the skin. There are many different products available and each one works a bit differently for each person. Many manufacturers have web sites. Links are included for the ones we have. With some persistence, information about anything can be located (although some sites are very deep). How ever many things might be mentioned here, there are surely almost as many that have been inadvertently overlooked.

On the Minimed Tape-Tips page is a great deal of information.

There is a web-site on Wound Care with some good, general information about 'dressings' (bandages) which includes adherent products.

Skin Preparations

At skin level, there is always some preparation done. Before the cannula is inserted, the skin must be clean and dry.