Frequently Asked Questions about Tape

How do we prepare to fasten the insertion set to our skin?

Most people are given some basic instruction about this when they initiate use of the pump. Most also find their own way after some time. The basics remain: Be as clean and sterile as possible. Use all new dressings (all sticky things can be called "dressings") and use enough to do the job, don't be stingy.

There are almost as many different methods as there are people with diabetes. Here are two suggestions, from some members of the Insulin-Pumpers internet mailing list, for preparing to keep the infusion set stuck onto you.

  One suggestion   One Suggestion from one pumper...

    Another pumper, another suggested way to do it...

Some people find that IV Prep (mentioned in the suggestions above) may actually be part of the problem, not the solution. It sometimes seems to react in the heat. IV3000 may help at those times. Or it may not. Some folks have an allergic reation to it regardless of the weather. There are several other products that do similar work (3M No Sting Barrier Film is one). Finding the right one for you could take some time and experimentation.

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