Insulin Pumper's Ratio Calculator

Version 1.04, last updated 3/21/99.

The Insulin Pumper's Ratio Calculator is made available to you in the hope that you may find it useful.

This tool calculates the ratio of the numbers entered into the boxes. No guarantee or warranty of accuracy is given, or suitability for use implied by making this tool available. Use of this tool is AT YOUR OWN RISK. You should consult with your physician and health care team when making changes to your insulin regimen.
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The three ratios used when carbohydrate counting are listed below. Any two of the ratios that are known can be used to calculate the remaining ratio. However, it is more informative to use all three known and measured values to calculate what the ratios should be based on their mathematical relationship to one another. This will tell you how far off the values are that you use on a day to day basis.

The ratios have a FIXED mathematical relationship to each other as follows:

Blood Sugar BG CARB BG to -- = ---- X ---- Insulin ratio I I CARB
Carbohydrate CARB BG / I to ---- = --------- Insulin ratio I BG / CARB
Blood Sugar BG BG / I to ---- = -------- Carbo ratio CARB CARB / I
Use the handy Ratio Calculator below to check your ratios.

Blood Sugar Points for
each UNIT of Insulin
Carbohydrate for
each UNIT of Insulin
Blood Sugar Points for
each GRAM of Carbohydrate

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