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1. Introduction

1.1 Blood Sugar to Insulin ratio DEFINED.

The BG/I ratio is the blood sugar point drop for each unit of insulin administered to bring down a high blood sugar reading. An accurate measure of Blood Sugar to Insulin ratio ( BG/I ) is necessary to maintain good overall control of blood sugar levels. An estimate of BG/I can be made using the 1500 rule or the 1800 rule (in the section on Treat Highs Differently) if you use Humalog. For some people, these estimates may result in large errors.

This straight-forward procedure provides an easy and accurate check of Blood Sugar to Insulin ratio ( BG/I ).

1.2 Disclaimer

The information and procedures contained in this document are provided in the hope that you may find them useful. No guarantee or warranty of accuracy is given, or suitability for use implied by making this information available. Use of the information and procedures is AT YOUR OWN RISK.
You should consult with your physician and health care team when making changes to your insulin regimen.

1.3 Other Blood Sugar related HOWTO's

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