Basal Rate Estimator - Detailed INSTRUCTIONS

Use of the Basal Rate Estimator is best accomplished by profiling fasting basal requirements and blood sugars levels over an 8 to 10 hour period.

Before trying to use this tool, please read:

Click on the illustration to see a full size example of the Basal Rate Estimator Basal Rate Estimator Example

The Basal Rate Estimator is divided into 5 areas. Data entered into each area will increase the detail of the information calculated and will be returned to the browser as a graphic plot of the test period.

  1. Time and Blood Sugar readings. Enter the time of each reading and the Blood Sugar value for an 8 to 10 hour test period.
    You may SUBMITthe data now to plot a graph of Blood Sugar levels for the test period, or continue.
  2. Enter the Basal Rates that you use NOW. Include the basal rate for the 2 to 4 hour period prior to the beginning of the test interval. If you don't actually have a basal rate starting in that time frame, then use a time 2 hours prior to the start of the test period and enter the basal rate that normally runs at that time.
    You may SUBMIT the data now to plot both Blood Sugar levels and Basal Rates for the test period, or continue.
  3. Enter your Blood Sugar to Insulin ratio. If you are unsure of or need to measure your Blood Sugar to Insulin ratio, see HOWTO measure Blood Sugar to Insulin ratio
  4. Click the button for the type of insulin you use. If you use a mix of lispro (Humalog) and a regular insulin, click the button for lispro.
  5. Enter the NEW Basal Rates you would like to try. The first entry must have the same Time as the entry in BOX #2. You may change any of the Basal Rates and any of the other Times.

  6. SUBMIT the data now to obtain a plot of the Blood Sugar levels and Basal Rates during the test period superimposed with the NEW Basal Rates and the ESTIMATED new Blood Sugar levels.
If at any time, an incorrect data entry is made, when the SUBMIT button is pushed a WARNING MESSAGE will appear in the data entry boxes describing the nature of the problem. Click BACK on your browser and correct the problem.
Graphic Plot description Click the plot image to see the complete example.

The plot is divided into 2 areas. The upper portion is a plot of Blood Sugar values over the test period. The data will not be shown beyond 10 hours but it will be used in the calculation of the plot end points and the estimated blood sugar values. Blood Sugar levels are plotted in RED and the estimated Blood Sugar levels are plotted in GREEN.

The lower portion of the plot shows the current Basal Rate and the proposed NEW Basal Rate. The current Basal Rate is shown as a SOLID RED area. DECREASE in estimated Basal Rate is depicted as the ABSENCE of color with the original Basal Rate outlined in RED. INCREASE in estimated Basal Rate are depicted as a SOLID GREEN area.

Basal Rate plot

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