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Release version 1.28, last updated 10/17/2003.
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The Insulin Pumper's Basal Rate Estimator is made available to you in the hope that you may find it useful.
Although the examples are all shown in US units (mg/dl), this tool will work quite nicely with the units used by the rest of the world (mmol/l).

This tool provides an estimate of possible changes to blood sugar levels when insulin basal rates are changed. It may not accurately predict what will happen when insulin doseage is changed in a human (or animal for that matter). No guarantee or warranty of accuracy is given, or suitability for use is implied by making this tool available. Use of this tool is AT YOUR OWN RISK. You should consult with your physician and health care team when making changes to your insulin regimen.
Before using this tool, please read:
Quick Start Directions:
   1) Enter time and blood sugar values for fasting test period.
	 You may continue or press SUBMIT now to get a blood sugar plot.
   2) Enter times and basal rates.  Enter the basal rate you run for the
      time 2 to 4 hours before your blood sugar data starts as the starting
      basal rate time.
	 You may continue or press SUBMIT now to get
	 a blood sugar and basal rate plot.
   3) Enter times and modified basal rates, your blood-sugar / insulin ratio,
      and check the type of insulin you use.
	 Press SUBMIT to plot blood sugar, projected blood sugar,
	 as well as original and new basal rates.
For the ESTIMATOR to work properly, blood sugars should remain between
   45 and 190 mg/dl (US units)
   2.47 and 10.44 mmol/l

Data must be entered into the text boxes in the format

		hh:mm  bg    |	  hh:mm  basal	  |	Enter your basal
		---------    |	  ------------    |	rates starting 2-4
     example	11:55  87    or	  10:00   0.8     |	hours before your
		 2:04 118    |	   3:00   1.1     |	blood sugar data.
		 4:10 128    |	   8:00   0.5     |	Use a dummy start
			     |			  |	time if necessary.
The ESTIMATOR will not accept data that does not fit this format.
Time - BG value
Enter your blood sugar
measurements into the
<=== box to the left.
time bg
time bg
for example:

3:30 125
5:07 101
Enter your ratio of blood
sugar points for each unit
of insulin that you use.


Check your insulin type

regular insulin
Time - Basal Rate
Enter your basal rates in
<=== the box to the left
Enter NEW basal rates
in the box at right ===>

Include your basals
for 2-4 hours prior
to blood sugar data

Time - New Basals

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