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Insulin-Pumper's Mail List Administration HOWTO

Michael A. Robinton & Mary Jean Renstrom

v1.13, Sept 16, 1999

This document contains information on HOWTO administer the Insulin-Pumper's mail lists. It is rather long and daunting, but we have tried to cover every possible problem with detailed instructions. Administering the list actually quite easy and typically only involves a couple of e-mail messages a day. If you find that a particular question is not answered here, post the question to the administrative list at:

1. What the List Administrator does.

2. Subscription Process - General Overview

3. Profile Process - General Overview

4. Passwords

5. Answering Common Inquiries

6. Processing Subscription Requests and Profiles

7. Correcting mistakes - after the fact

8. Practice "test mail lists"

9. Remember to UNSUBSCRIBE from the test accounts

10. APPENDIX A - Using the AOL Mail Program

11. Copyright Notice

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