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8. Practice "test mail lists"

There are a pair of administration test mail lists available to practice administration skills.
                This mail list mimics the activity you will see
                when you are the assigned administrator. (alias
                This mail list mimics the activity you will 
                see on the


                mail lists while you are performing admin duties.
You will see the same messages that both the administrator and the list member sees when using the ip-test-xx mail lists.

CAUTION !! if there is more than one person subscribed to the ip-test-xxxx lists at the same time, you will all receive the messages posted. You must ignor the messages for the other administrator. To this end, name your test subject mail addresses so you can easily recognize them and thus the messages which belong to you.

8.1 Administration test mail list

Subscribe to by sending a message to:
        ---- containing ----
This is an open mail list. You will get everyone else's test messages if you do not remember to unsubscribe when you are finished by sending a message to:
        ---- containing ----
or you may use the majordomo syntax
        --- containing ---
        subscribe ip-test-admin
or      unsubscribe ip-test-admin
You may then send subscription requests and profiles to the / mail list (they are actually the same list aliased to each other).

8.2 Administration PASSWORD

The administrator's password for this mail list is:


8.3 New Member test mail list

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE unsubscribe any dummy accounts you put on this list.

Send test mail list subscriptions in a message to:
        ---- containing ----
        subscribe ip-test test@email.address
Send test profiles to the list in a message to:
Subject: Test-Member Name < test@email.address >
        ---- containing ----
        Hi, this is some test text in
        a test member profile that I have decided to let run off the page so I can practice the wrap.

8.4 CLEAN UP when you are through TESTING

Remember to first unsubscribe all of your test accounts from ip-test. You must be a member of ip-test-admin to do this. Second, unsubscribe yourself from ip-test-admin. Remain on the ip-test-admin list until you have confirmed that your dummy accounts on have been removed. You can check the dummy mail list accounts by issuing the message to:
        ---- containing ----
Unsubscribe dummy accounts by issuing the message to:
        ---- containing ----
        approve ip-test.PASSWORD unsubscribe dummy@email.address
or same effect, different syntax
        --- containing ---
        approve ip-test.PASSWORD unsubscribe ip-test dummy@email.address

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