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1. What the List Administrator does.

This document is constantly undergoing improvement. If you have information to add which will help the other mail list administrators, please contact so your contribution can be added.

1.1 Administration Requirements

The Insulin-Pumper's mail list administrators must read their e-mail daily. You must be prepared to respond to an inquiry on the same or the following day in order to provide effective service to our members. There are usually only 2 to 3 inquiries or new member submissions on any given day so there is not usually a lot to do, it just must be done in a timely fashion.

If you use a freemail service such as juno or hotmail or any other mail service that automatically adds it's own trailer information to the end of each message, YOU CAN NOT ADMINISTER THE MAIL LIST since this information would be added to new member profiles.

1.2 Administrator Duties

The primary duty is to assist members or prospective members of the Insulin-Pumper's mail lists. These duties include:

Each of these duties is explained in detail in this document.

1.3 How do you become an ADMINISTRATOR

You can become and administrator by subscribing to the mail list. To do this, send the following message to:
        ---- the message contains the following text ----
        subscribe ip-admin

Do NOT copy the line with the dashes

In the event that you plan to be away from your computer or otherwise unable to handle administration chores, simply unsubscribe from the list and further administration messages will be assigned to the next person on the list.
        --- a message containing ---
        unsubscribe ip-admin
When you are again able to help with membership administration, please subscribe once more to the list. Insulin-Pumpers is run by volunteers and your efforts will help make Insulin-Pumpers successful.

1.4 How are administration duty days assigned

Once a week on Friday evening, the mail server cron daemon runs a task which examines the ip-admin mail list and selects the next available member for administration duties. The list is processed from top to bottom and then the cycle repeats. As mentioned above, if you are gone on business, vacation, or are otherwise unavailable, you need only unsubscribe from the ip-admin list to cancel you commitment. When you return simply subscribe to as outlined above to resume administration duties.

1.5 Who's next for duty

To find out what the rotation order is, send this message to:
        who ip-admin
This will return a list of the IP-Admin members and the order in which they are assigned. You must find out who is the current administrator and then you will know who will be next.

Bear in mind that as members unsubscribe/subscribe, the order and number of individuals on the list will change so you must retrieve a fresh list each time you check the schedule.

1.6 Where to get HELP

Mail list administrators are by default members of the mail list. Help is just an e-mail away. When you run into a problem or situation you are not familiar with, send a message to all the other administrators by mailing your query to

1.7 Which E-MAIL program to use?

If you are a member of AOL or other on-line service that does not provide direct internet access, you're stuck with their mail program. Check the special instructions for AOL members. You might want to consider switching to a REAL internet service provider to get better overall service (that doesn't have anything to do with list administration, it's just a good idea). Check for a list of the Internet Service Providers servicing your area, the services they offer and their pricing..

Any e-mail program may be used to administer a majordomo list. However, a full featured program like Eudora Pro or PEGASUS will make the administration task easier. If your mail program is part of a browser suite, or a demo mailer like Eudora Lite, it is recommended that you download and install the freeware mail program, PEGASUS. It is one of the more powerful and full featured e-mail programs now available. You can download PEGASUS from

The examples and illustrations presented in this document refer to the PEGASUS mailer. Most other e-mail programs support the same functions but without all the bells and whistles.

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