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5. SGML-tools

A complete guide to the sgml-tools can be found in the /home/sgml/public_html directory on this server. The README file has complete directions for accessing the example files and the documentation. The guide itself is written in SGML and both the converted HTML files and the original guide.sgml file are present in these directories for examination along with example.sgml. I suggest you copy the example.sgml file to your own directory and play with it.

The SGML guide contains a complete description of the SGML markup language and examples of how it is used. Please read it and examine the example.sgml file with less or joe to learn how to use the markup. You may wish to convert the example.sgml file to HTML and view it to see how the markup tags actually work.

All of the HOWTO's I have written so far, including the SGML files are located in my directory at /home/michael/public_html. Please feel free to use those files as examples.

5.1 Using sgmlcheck

sgmlcheck runs an SGML parse on the specified document source. Any errors are reported to your terminal screen. No formatted version of the source is produced.

        sgmlcheck < file name >
type "man sgmlcheck" for detailed information about this command.

5.2 WARNING about use of italics

The use of italics with the <it/sometext/ tag or the <it>sometext<it> tag pair must be restricted to normal body text within the document. If these tags are use in a <sect> type tag, the sgml2txt expansion will not work properly. Don't do it!

5.3 Using sgml2html

sgml2html converts an SGML source file to HTML output. Output will appear in the top level file file.html and file-n.html for each section, where file is the name of the SGML source file and n is the section name.

        sgml2html < file name>
        sgml2html --imagebuttons < file name >
    or:         (same as)
        sgml2html -I < file name >

        -I or --imagebuttons   Uses graphic buttons for previous and next links
type "man sgml2html" for detailed information about this command.

5.4 Using sgml2txt

sgml2txt converts an SGML source file to TEXT output. The SGML file is converted to a single document with table of contents, numbered section headers, etc...

        sgml2txt -f 

        -f suppresses the backspace expansion normally added when 
        italic characters are created by this process.
type "man sgml2txt" for detailed information about this command.

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