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1. Introduction

The 450 Rule provides a way to estimate blood sugar rise from carbohydrates in a meal and match it to the short acting insulin required to counteract that rise. See the description from Stop the Rollercoaster for a more detailed discussion of the 450 Rule.

Since this method only estimates the Carbo/Insulin ratio, you may wish to actually measure your blood sugar ratios to get a more accurate figure. For more information on how to do this see the Other Blood Sugar related HOWTO's listed below.

1.1 Warning


Data collected from the members of the Insulin Pumpers mail list about their actual Carbohydrate / Insulin ratios, indicates that the 450 Rule will predict ratios that are VERY DIFFERENT from the actual measured ratios of many adults, children, and adolescents. Great care should be used when applying the results prededicted by this rule.

You should consult with your physician and health care team when making changes to your insulin regimen.

1.2 Other Blood Sugar related HOWTO's

1.3 Acknowledgements

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