Pumping InsulinContributors Needed to Write

FAQ's and HOWTO's on these subjects

If you would like to volunteer to write a FAQ or HOWTO, please contact Michael@Insulin-Pumpers.org

IP-administrator's HOWTO Read this if you have signed up to help administer the list
Read the How to write a HowTo or FAQ guide for the Insulin Pumpers Web Site (text_version)

Read the IP Developers HOWTO about SGML tools and working in the Unix environment. (text_version)

To write a FAQ or HOWTO, and obtain an account on the development server, contact Michael@Insulin-Pumpers.org

Links for developers to download terminal software:

Windoze Secure SHell client programs

Macintosh Secure SHell client programs

Any Platform Secure SHell client

SSH Secure SHell client and daemon for Unix / Linux

as well as all other operating systems. If you have questions about building or installing any of these SSH packages, please contact me at Michael@Insulin-Pumpers.org.