Pumping Insulin Photos of Infusion Sites

This is a work in progress. Many thanks to the list members that shared these photos of infusion set placement.
Please contribute additional photos by email to Editor@Insulin-Pumpers.org or by snail mail to:

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All photos are anonymous and will be cropped and/or retouched as necessary to make sure they are "decent"

These photos do not constitute a recommendation for a particular method of inserting infusion sets, they are merely examples of how some members of the Insulin Pumpers mail list do their set insertions.

Abdominal Sites:
Sil/Tender/Comfort set on lower abdomen
with a little extra adhesive...
Sil/Tender/Comfort on lower abdomen
SofSet - mid abdomen
with lots of tape, must be a swimmer??
SofSet on mid abdomen

  Sil/Tender/Comfort set on upper abdomen
Sil/Tender/Comfort on upper abdomen

Detail of neat tape trick to
help hold down Tender/Sil/Comfort sets
tape trick for TSL sets
tape trick detail

  QuickSet on upper abdomen

  Inset on lower back, pump in bra
QuickSet on upper abdomen Inset on lower back, pump in bra

Using your breasts for infusion set placement.
If you have questions you wish to ask the donor of these photos, send them to Editor@insulin-pumpers.org
Can you pinch an inch? There is not any difference using the skin around you breasts than any other part of your body. You are just inserting the cannula into fat. Just be careful that you really only insert at a 20-30 degree angle maximum or you will be in for a lot of pain and a black and blue boob. If you have enough "padding", you can put the site right under your breasts as well, not on the bottom side, but just beneath. The sites heal well, although this user no longer wears bikinis, but does wear regular swim suit tops with the set "in place". When doing the insertion, I make sure and stay at least two inches from the nipple area.
What about sex?? It is just like wearing the set in any other place. The other partner must be careful, that's all.

Breast, front view
Sil/Tender/Comfort in boob, front
Sil/Tender/Comfort set on breast side view
Another list members writes...

upper center breast with TSL Places with not as much fat seem to absorb better for me. I'm barely a 34B. So the top and side edges work great (tried one more towards the center, that didn't work too well, and I think the bottom would get more movement, so I haven't tried it). I try to put it right on the edge of where my boob is starting just because it is easier to insert, I have the cathter facing towards my nipple.
 -- anonymous contributor

upper breast with Inset 6mm Inset in right upper breast

Hips and Buttocks:
Sil/Tender/Comfort set on HIP
Sil/Tender/Comfort in hip
Sil/Tender/Comfort set on upper buttocks
Sil/Tender/Comfort in upper buttocks
SofSet on love handle
QuickSet on upper buttocks
SofSet on love handle  QuickSet on upper

Tender/Sil/Comfort set on Arm
TSL on Arm
Tender/Sil/Comfort set on Arm
TSL on Arm

Legs / Thighs:
Tender/Sil/Comfort set on front of thigh
TSL on front of thigh
SofSet on side of thigh
SofSet on side of thigh

Love Handles:
Tender/Sil/Comfort set on front abdomen/love handle
TSL on front of love handle
video of Sil/Tender/Comfort
insertion on both front
and back of love handles