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The Disetronic H-TRONplus is similar to its predecessor the H-TRON V100 with some additional software features and minor cosmetic changes. The H-TRONplus pump supports one basal program with 24 hourly basal rates, temporary basal settings, and normal and audio boluses. The two recessed buttons on the top provide good tactile feedback for programming audio boluses through clothing. The pump has an LCD display on the front, which is used to display information and indicate the current pump mode. Features are programmed using "function-direct" programming which does not involve menus or directories, but rather certain button sequences. It does not directly incorporate some advanced features such as multiple basal profiles and extended bolus, although other offerings from Disetronic provide additional features.

When purchasing the H-TRONplus, you actually receive two H-TRONplus pumps from Disetronic. One can serve as a backup while the other is in use in case of a failure, and it is recommended that the pumps are periodically rotated (the backup becomes the primary).

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When you purchase the H-TRONplus pump, Disetronic actually sends two pumps. Each has 2 years of life programmed into them. If they are switched off periodically, this will give the user a backup pump to use in case there is a failure with the primary pump.