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7. School Work

I was having problems with my daughter in school too; her grades were fairly poor (C student) and the teacher, in December 99, mentioned the possibility of leaving her back; she goes to a private school. She spent a lot of time out of the classroom treating highs and lows and missed a lot of classwork and schoolwork. In January 2000, Laura went on the pump. Two weeks after she went on the pump her teacher asked us to come in for a parent/teacher conference. I expected the worst.

Her teacher said she never saw such a dramatic change (positive) in a student. All of Laura's grades are now As or Bs with the exception of one C. I attribute this to her more normal and steady BGs. She gets tested more often in school, but overall spends about 1/4 the time she use to in the nurses office. She is able to concentrate more also. I feel we have given her the tool to succeed with the pump. Just my thoughts. Maybe you should consider it.

All the best to you.

--Laura Lentini-Iaffaldano, New York

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