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5. Not a Last Resort

"Jean Henderson

I am a type I diabetic, but I'm just trying to prepare for the future in case I ever have to go on a pump. I've been in pretty good control, but I want to be prepared for anything."


Welcome! I'm very glad to hear that you are currently in good control, & that you are looking into information on pumping. Please know that it doesn't tend to be a situation where a person "has to go on a pump"...pumping does NOT indicate that your diabetes/control has gotten worse than previously, that pumpers are in bad shape, or that other options (like MDI) no longer work, so you've gone to more extreme measures out of necessity. Pumping is simply one option for treatment...& the more you read on this list, the more you will find that those who choose it find their quality of life improves dramatically. No, it is not a cure - but it is a way to deal more easily & effectively with the day-to-day life of the diabetic, for most of us. Initially it takes work, as does learning anything new - but the results that many have seen are well worth the effort put in. Pumping is not a "last resort" kind of can be a step toward a healthier & more carefree lifestyle.

I'll get down off the soapbox now...glad to have you here, & welcome aboard!


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