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Welcome to the Insulin Pumpers insulin pump review!

Are you a person with diabetes on two shots a day looking for a better way? Are you currently a pumper wishing to upgrade or replace your insulin pump? Are you a doctor who would like to provide the best possible management plan for your diabetic patients? Well, this article is for you!

Perhaps the most significant development in diabetes treatment since the discovery of insulin, subcutaneous insulin pump therapy has revolutionized the way many diabetics manage their diabetes. And with the recent groundbreaking results of the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial, more diabetics than ever are choosing insulin pump therapy to realize very tangible benefits to their current and future health and lifestyle.

Today there are more options than ever in insulin pump therapy, with six different companies producing no less than eight different models of insulin pumps between them. While this selection provides an unprecedented number of features and options to any current or potential pump user, it can also present a confusing array of choices when trying to decide on which pump is the right one for you.

The main focus of this continuing series of articles is to encourage insulin pump therapy by educating and assisting you with the process of choosing an insulin pump. These reviews are not designed to recommend or rate one pump model over any other, but rather to explain the features of each pump tested and how these features may be useful in everyday or special situations.

An Important Note on Pump Therapy:

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Animas R1000
Disetronic H-Tron Plus
Medtronic 508
Medtronic 511
Medtronic 512/712