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3. Diabetes is Not My Fault

Diabetes is not my fault. I did not choose this disease, it found me.

It's not a lot of fun. I work at it - some days I work very hard at it and things still don't turn out the way they should. Some days I get tired of working at it and let things slide a bit - I'm human, after all, not a machine.

"My numbers" are not always my fault. Some days I test a lot and my numbers are great - it's not always obvious to me why they are good. Some days I test a lot and my numbers are not so good - it's not always obvious to me why they aren't so good. I continue to try.

Some days I simply don't understand the numbers - they are after all, "just numbers". They don't truly reflect all the little things in my life which can make this big thing so hard to cope with. I still try, but at times I struggle to remember that diabetes is not my fault.

Diabetes is not the fault of my friends. I have often taken the big step and opened up to my friends, seeking their advice and collective wisdom. If their feedback helps me solve a problem or get over a bump, I am so grateful. If I ask a question which seems "silly" they don't criticize me or chide me. If their advice doesn't work for me, I am still grateful. After all, my friends asked nothing from me in return, they don't condemn me for trying, or scold me for the results I achieved. They are my friends.

To all those who have joined us - welcome to the group ;-)

--Bob Burnett

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