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insulin Insulin Pumpers thanks its many supporters whose generosity helps make this forum and web site possible. Your continued support is vital to keeping the services of Insulin Pumpers available to the many families and individuals that depend on the information provided to help manage their diabetes care. If you would like to help, your tax deductible donation would be greatly appreciated. Just Click here to donate on-line or obtain the mail address to which to send a check to Insulin Pumpers. Your gift will help children with diabetes.
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In addition to the support provided by many individual donors, Insulin Pumpers wishes to give special thanks and acknowledgedment for the generous gifts of major funding from our corporate donors.

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Additional support is provided by contributions from:

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Contributors to Insulin Pumpers over the last year    sustaining contributors 
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Susan Lane Bob Weitzman
Joeseph Lis Rhoda Martin
Margaret Dotzler Brian Cook in memory of Margaret Louise Cooke
Mary Ann Vinton Donald W. Cragun
Anne Koch Michael V. Bulzomi
Jerry Smith Robert Burns on behalf of Brooks
Richard Ayres Brian Cook in memory of Margaret Louise Cooke
Michael V. Bulzomi Mary Ann Vinton
Margaret Dotzler Rhoda Martin
Mary Schmitendorf Joeseph Lis
Linda John Osgood
Bob Weitzman Brian Cook in memory of Margaret Louise Cooke
Jean Cusick Michael V. Bulzomi
Mary Ann Vinton Margaret Dotzler
Billie Fitzsimons Susan Lane
Rhoda Martin Diane Carter
Mary Schmitendorf Mary Grant
Mary Richman Kristen & Mark Bridgeman
Joeseph Lis Michael V. Bulzomi
Rhoda Martin Mary Ann Vinton
Barbara Bubar Suzanne Allen
Margaret Dotzler Donald W. Cragun
Don Francisco Susan Lane
Mary Schmitendorf Robert Burns on behalf of Brooks
Shelby Brock Bonnie from Barn
Bob Weitzman Matt Hammer
Donita Decker Michael DeBonis
George Lovelace in memory of Anngela Lovelace 31 anonymous
Together we've raised $5 with on-line donations this month. Thank you!